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Reality of Future in an animated movie

caught the movie Wall-E once again with my son and it dawned on me that this show is a genius where it is clearly showing the future to us.  The fictitious environments in the spacecraft does suddenly seemed possible.ans moving around in floating chairs:  It is a combination of anti-gravity floating devices complemented with driverless technology.  Individually, such technologies are happening now so it is a matter of time for this to combine. See below and you will see how close we are.

Online shopping also brought forth new technologies in goods delivery. Human couriers & postmen are being replaced by delivery drones.  Soon 3D printing can evolve to have items printed. Imagine your fresh wagyu beef steaks being printed from your 3D printer inside your kitchen!

In the content of food, the things we consume are vastly modified (GMO or otherwise). We can even grow our own in our backyard with technology (I just came across this amazing idea Farmbot) and just need to swing outside to grab that luscious lettuce and herbs. Using food DNA and cloning, food reproductions will be the norm for survival. Food will be universal and in vast amount. 

These technologies are indeed amazing and improving our lives but these advances have caused vast disruption to businesses.  Retail, manufacturing and logistics companies are suffering and thus employment will collapse drastically.  Will we reach 50% unemployment soon?  The truth is in the movie too.  

Posted on August 25, 2016

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