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Singapore’s Success

From Mei Lin Fung 

I am very proud of Singapore – which has done so much to invest in human potential and the results speak for themselves. 

The opportunity for everyone to have a world class education, for students of low income families  to receive generous scholarships to study at the top universities in the world, is just one of many investments in social infrastructure that has given Singapore a competitive edge in growing and keeping unemployment low even as the the world economy goes up and down.

Today 1 in 6 Singaporeans is a millionaire – this is achieved through home ownership – and as the city state has become the residence of choice for the rich and famous in Asia – the value of humble residences which 40 years ago cost from under $10,000 to about $20,000 to purchase has multiplied 50-100 fold. – The Economist 2 minute video of this is here

The health system in Singapore has one of the best outcomes while spending 4% of GDP – compared to about 10% of GDP in most developed countries and 18% of GDP in the US.

Yet Singapore struggles with disparities – while no one is left behind to starve or die of sickness on the streets – there are those who are not enjoying as many fruits of the success as others – and the government of Singapore appears to be working out how to do more balancing. 

Singapore is just an early pioneer in the digital transformation – and one institution they set up is the one Sandeep mentions, the Institute of Employment and Employability   – e2i – https://e2i.com.sg/ 

Rather than just looking to replicate Singapore, which I do not think is a good way to go – I would like to see the pioneers from around the world to share learnings and exchange ideas – no single country, no single person can work out all the answers. 

I4J can be an incredible force for good to be a Trading Post for identifying those examples of Positive Deviance  which against the odds have found pathways to progress.

Posted on August 9, 2015

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