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So what is 2020 and beyond looking like in the IT and Tech world?

The NextTech revolution. is all about the cloud says Dominic O’Hanlon , CEO of RHIPE .

It Ecosystems, Data , AI , Machine Learning, Data and Data analytics will be housed in the Cloud by AWS. Microsoft, IBM, Google all vying to get market share and upskill IT managers. 

CIO’s and decision makers are continually being pitched on why and which virtual server they should use and how they should use their virtual server! 

The virtual server with the most users is the winner. The name of the game is for these vendors driving consumption through whatever way it can. 

The way they will do this in the NextTech period – in my view – is training – by providing the best education, and upskilling users on a continual basis…. not only online, but blended and face to face. By providing users with certifications, and gamifying this usage! 

5 things that I can confidently call over the next 10 years – is 

1. Technology will be changing – and changing at such a rapid speed. New Languages, Apps , Processes and systems that are smarter , better  and easier are being developed and what was relevant yesterday is redundant today! 

2. Demand for service delivery skills will grow organisations have services running in the cloud, on desktops, laptops  and on their mobiles. 

Who and how will this data be managed and used?  

Will your team be able to represent your brand on their social networks? – that is where they are living . 

ITIL  is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.  (This is a skill that organisations need and NextTech is fortunate to have Itvinder Mankoo – Australia’s leading trainer on ITIL sharing her knowledge with our clients.)

3. Creation of new Apps using  low-code and no-code app development will create a plethora of new apps – and teams will need to know how to use them

4. Cloud will bring more security challenges as they become more reliant on services hosted in the cloud, the more they allow remote access and the more collaboration tools are used.  Cisco 2019 Asia Pacific CISO Benchmark Study, showed that security teams are suffering from overwhelm. They  are constantly putting out fires, rather than proactively building an effective security strategy. The bottom line is that Teams will need to be upskilled on Cybersecurity.

5. Management of various suppliers and various tools and apps  Organisations have to deal with multiple cloud suppliers, as well as various suppliers of software and hardware, and each vendor has its own risk. Supplier (vendor) management is a big thing…. and a specific skill that needs to be learned – Project and Process management….. 

So, where to from here?

For you to be able to recruit, train and retain key staff, you will need to provide continual training and for IT personnel – not only certifications in cloud, apps and security, but also to upskill them in the soft skills of leadership, management, business, sales , marketing, systems and providing a wow service. 

Join us as our guest at one of our NextTech forums  to see how you can make a difference to your team through collaboration, learning and growth 


Posted on December 15, 2019

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