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Taiwan – no lockdowns – no WHO and relatively unaffected by COVID-19

Brian Shilhavy – Editor, Health Impact News 

reports that Johns Hopkins University had predicted that Taiwan would have the second most COVID-19 cases in the world, due to its close proximity to Mainland China.

But astonishingly, in spite of being only 80 miles from the coast of China with over 400,000 of its 24 million citizens working in China, as of mid-April, the country only had 400 cases of COVID-19, and only 6 deaths. And the vast majority of their 400 cases came into the country from abroad.

All of this has happened without shutting down the country with lock downs, and with almost all of its businesses continuing to operate. Is Taiwan doing something else the rest of the world is largely missing?

This video explains why…..


– Taiwan created a central monitoring station, social distancing and travel restrictions as soon as it heard of the potential outbreak in January. They were badly affected by SARS outbreak and took precautions immediately, treating the outbreak seriously.
– people where masks outside 
– all people coming in and out were tested at the airport and monitored for 14 days to show that they were isolating
– there people trust their government
– they used technology to monitor positive cases movement (similar to Australians Covid App) 

About Taiwan 

The island may be small, but the country is a regional and worldwide powerhouse. It’s the 21st largest economy in the world (19th if counting by PPP), despite having a population of just 24 million. It ranks 11th in GDP per capita, comparable to Denmark and Sweden.

It’s also an important partner with Communist China as one of the leading investors, trading partners and bankers for the PRC. Consequently, Taiwan hosts quite a bit of contact with the PRC.

For comparison sake, the United Sates saw about 3 million visitors from China in 2018, while Taiwan hosted 2.6 million visitors from China in 2018.

That’s why the results from Taiwan in fighting China’s Wuhan flu—as they call it in Taiwan—is so extraordinary.

Source https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/taiwan-no-lockdowns-no-closed-businesses-non-who-member-and-relatively-unaffected-by-covid-19/

Posted on May 4, 2020

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