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Technology giving birth to 4th tech revolution – enlightenment period

Lucien Tarnowski – spoke at the entrepreneurial summit in Poland and came up with some pearlers….
watch the video – having a place to share ideas – matters

Having a place/hub of Innovation matters!!!
Based on History and previous enlightenments – place mattered.
It’s the enlightenment periods that defined our world 
– Aristotle – Athens
– Medici – Milan
– Shakespeare – uk 
– Davinci and Michelangelo in Italy
–  Freud – Paris in 20s
– Berlin – Mozart , Bach 
– Silicon Valley – the founders of Paypal went on to create Tesla, Facebook, Linkedin , google etc 
These people 
– new each other 
– collaborated with each other
– fed off each other, 
– pushing each other to break new boundaries 
The people were /are like you and me – and went on to change the world 
Place matters – and the creation of an epicentre of innovation is a very strategic move for any city wanting to be a thought leader! 
SYDNEY – take note – eur 4b being invested in Poland to build a startup hub!
Countries cities and companies are all living and dying by their ability to attract retain and maintain their talent.
Recognising and Unleashing Human Capital
Human capital is the worlds most wasted resource – we have not even begun to utilise the power of our minds and collective potential

  • Humans have limitless potential – how do we unleash it?
  • What is the process and systems to make this happen? 
  • Is it creation of tribes / groups/ masterminds?
  • Is it about creating collaboration mechanisms? 
  • Is it about Sharing stories and Ideas ?
The gap of what we do to what we could do – has and can continue to be enhanced dramatically by innovation and technology. 
Human capital

  •  invest in it
  •  nurture it 
  •  encourage it
There are many rough diamonds – due to circumstance or mindset – they may never be able to achieve what hey could!
How do we develop the ecosystem to nurture this untapped talent of human potential? How can we do this using infrastructure that has already been built, and just needs to be deployed?
Can Councils in regional towns play a vital role in igniting innovation in their area?

  • enabling collaboration between big business and start-ups 
  • connecting unemployes to startups and educational institutions
  • providing cheap rent for incubators 
  • providing a Crowdsourcing facility so residents can invest in their towns startups (maybe with government backed security based on specific criteria

The formal education system is broken –
It was created to feed the processes of the Industrial Age – it was designed as a conveyer belt to create and prepare humans to do stuff on an assembly line – to act like a machine – to learn processes that can be done by machines.

  • Maths – we learned slide rule – Soh Cah toa, logic.
  • We don’t need to learn how an engine works to drive a car! 
The current education system needs to change – 
There needs to be more focus on communication, soft skills, using machines, collaborating and community
– Educating is what people do to you
– Learning is what you do to yourself
People need to become lifelong learners
The information explosion
We are seeing a Bite Bang – an information explosion 
Knowledge is a commodity accessible by everyone…. dont spend time on privacy – it doesnt exist… become anonymous by being a part of the grid! 
We are in Information overload – the world is doubling in info every 3 years vs every 100 years and by 2020 – doubling info every 3 months 
What we learn at school and university becomes redundant – quickly!! 
– we need to learn to be lifelong learners 
– we need to learn to collaborate.

Collaboration is the number 1 currency 
Our ability to tap into our collective wisdom will take us to that next level!
Over the past centuries, we have been great a creating silos – manifesting in different countries and borders – this needs to change – it’s about unconditional collaboration.

We need to create an Ecosystem where sharing knowledge is power .
Changing from 
Knowledge is power – We were driven by individualism
sharing knowledge is power – We need to be driven by community
It matters where you are located 
How can we create that talent hub!!! 
– That place that draws talent
– That creates innovation
– That feeds off each other
– That collaborates
Together we can build this collective potential opportunity – to change lives for the better  
This video and thought process reminds me of The Goal – by Eli Goldratt – the theory of constraints – which shows that we are only as strong as our weakest link
As a community – let’s build up our weakest link – so we all can surge from strength to strength

I am really excited about bulding www.bbg.business – building these communities feels right!!

Posted on July 23, 2016

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