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AI + Entertainment Equals the Dawning of a Trillion-Dollar New Economy

Sandra Ponce de Leon Contributor for Forbes writes about Molly Lavik, Cofounder’s #AIShowBiz Summit –  a series of trailblazer talks, panels, fireside chats, demos, and a screening of a  film


So what is it?

#AIShowBiz Summit is  a platform for collaboration between investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs and scholars  – to connect and accelerate paradigm-shifting developments in the entertainment industry 

Some of the players 

  • Companies include Walt Disney World, Digital Domain, Microsoft, Intel, Accenture,Qualcomm and many more

Keynotes include 

  • Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF, Film Director of VR the Champions. for the band Queen,
  • Tim Draper and 
  • Guy KawasakiThe entertainment industry gets it – It’s all about you – the customer – and the customer experience. They are the canary in the coal mine – find out what they are doing and the technology will eventually flow into other industries.

Find out how AI helping entertainment companies such as the likes of Disney  to make emotional connections and powerful connections  and experiences with their customers  using chatbots, avatars, robots and an entire new eco-system of sentient beings

Where and when 

This May 3-4, 2019 in Redwood City,

So what is the future of AI and it’s impact on entertainment, impact on work and beyond? 

Here’s what they had to say:

A New Era of Creativity Unleashed

With AI poised to eliminate much manual and repetitive work through automation, we’ll see a shift in jobs to those that require higher skills like critical thinking and creativity. 

At Disney, by mixing chatbots, AI and a bit of pixie dust with their characters – they are able to provide an AI experience providing an  even deeper connection with guests through technology that makes the characters seem more real than Walt Disney could have ever imagined. 

One of the best examples is the Avatar attraction in Florida. The technology includes AI and CGI making guests feel like they are riding Mountain Banshees like in the movie. 

“The combination of CGI and AI is one way Disney provides incredible guest experiences.”

How can this same technology can be applied in different ways in the education industry that help to gain a lifelong competitive advantage,”  

There will be a panel discussing 

“Magical Chatbots: Combining A.I. & Pixie Dust to Create a Magical Customer Service Experience “

The Human Robot Connection

Steve Ardire, a leading AI expert will be moderating the panel 

“Humans, Machines and our Augmented Intelligence Digital Futurem.”

“ AI AR and machines will provide us with new dynamic experiences for consumer entertainment. AI makes possible new types of immersive and multi-sensory experiences that combine technology with powerful storytelling to form a new kind of consumer engagement.

You can apply this to robots and chatbots alike to create compelling storytelling platforms, where consumers can engage with interactive characters and become part of the story itself,”

The impact of AI on entertainment and creative industries and indeed the future of work is inarguable, the question is how much will AI help to further expand and grow the already massive entertainment economy.

Creative industries generate about $3 trillion globally every year, and a huge portion of that revenue is increasingly affected by artificial intelligence.’  said Mark Bünger of InnovationLab.

The Blockchain Effect onEntertainments 

Another fascinating panel taking place will cover how decentralized capital markets will evolve film financing. 

The panel will take a peek into the future to see how the combination of edge computing, blockchain and augmented reality intersect to impact a world using AR for commerce, work, and daily life. 

In the future, we’ll have interfaces that create digital content all around us, which leads to questions like 

  • What will the distributed network look like to serve, manage and authenticate that content? 
  • How will shared experiences be managed? 
  • How will microtransactions of content be serviced?  

The Future is Holographic

Princess Leia may be making an appearance at the #AIShowBiz event as a 3D image that floats in the air. The Princess Leia project developed by Daniel Smalley, of BYU Engineering, has a mission to take the 3D displays of science fiction and make them real. 

This technology advances holograms by creating volumetric images. A holographic display scatters light only at a 2D surface and can’t be experienced at every angle, while a volumetric image displays in 3D through the emission, scattering, or relaying of illumination. For this reason, a volumetric image can be seen from any angle. “This display is like a 3D printer for light,” Smalley, said. “You’re actually printing an object in space with these little particles.”

A  Pitchfest

Prestigious judges will determine the winner of the 3-round #AIShowBiz PitchFest where the recipient will receive a feedback session with Tim Draper, Founder at Draper Associates and Draper University who is also the opening keynote for the summit.

Would be awesome to beam parts of this #aisummit to Australia!!! 

Posted on April 8, 2019

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