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The 5G race seems to have been won by Huawei

International Business Strategies (IBS) Jones notes that the race to 5G technology has been already won by Huawei in China (with Ericsson as runner-up and Nokia a distant third). 

The ongoing tension between the United States and China is not helping the U.S. either to kickstart 5G domestically or take the lead in the global 5G race.

Asked for proof that China has won the still emerging 5G market, Jones told us that Huawei has already made more than 50,000 5G base station equipment sales to all the leading telecom operators in China and broadcasters. Early installations of 5G telecom equipment in the field are helping Huawei gain in-depth insights and learn lessons fast.

Most likely, global 5G market will be split in two — with China honing, advancing and creating its own 5G standards.

And the United States? “might have to license IP on 5G from China.”

So what is the issue?

The United States’ concerns on China range from issues of 

  • intellectual property thefts and China’s industrial policy to Huawei’s close relationship with Beijing and 
  • potential national security risks posed by Huawei’s next-generation 5G telecommunication infrastructure equipment. 
Or is it just a race for technological superiority?

China, meanwhile, is asking for the U.S. to treat Chinese companies fairly and show mutual respect.

It appears that the U.S. President is eager to use Huawei as a bargaining chip for short-term leverage and is trading away his administration’s original concerns over national security and IP thefts.

Source  — Junko Yoshida, Global Co-Editor-In-Chief, AspenCore Media, Chief International Correspondent, EE Times

Posted on July 6, 2019

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