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The coronavirus crisis should be a “wake up call” for local manufacturing.

At our BBG Innovation forum last week – we were talking about Brian Sher’s 14 mega trends that will happen post Covid-19 . 

One of these trends was the rise of local manufacture. 

In the SMH this morning, Cara Waters writes about audio equipment maker, Peter Freedman’s advanced manufacturing business , Rode Microphones – based in Sydney’s Silverwater. Rode now employs over 500 people in Australia, China and USA . 

Going against the trend of moving manufacturing to China – (Aus Manufacturing has gone from 13% – 6% of GDP over past 20 years). Rode Microphones has gone against the trend – they manufacture a global niche product –  microphones – selling over 2.5m products per annum! 

The Australian economy needs to focus on value-added exports rather than simply selling raw materials into China, says Freedman .

 “we can’t just scrape the surface, whack it on a ship, sail it, that’s gone. We have great raw materials – the best food – We should be the best delicatessen- not just a bulk distributor of wheat!“

Chinese manufactured goods worldwide (according to Euromonitor )

  • 35 per cent of household goods 
  • 46 per cent of high tech goods, 
  • 54 per cent of textiles and apparel, 
  • 38 per cent of machinery, rubber and plastic, 
  • 20 per cent of pharmaceuticals and medical goods and 
  • 42 per cent of chemical products 

Theory of Constraints expert – Hendrik Lourens was talking about the importance  of growing the Australian manufacturing base and not having to rely on other countries for our foods and services. 

To do this, he says that Government will need to implement various policy measures to support this.

Mr Freedman agrees that the manufacturing revival will need  a sustained push from government. There needs to be a long term commitment to the manufacturing sector.

“There are no short term solutions here, none at all.” Says Freedman “Buying the cheapest is often not buying the best solution! “

The sustained long term investment in supporting Australian manufacture will provide a big payday for Jobs, Security and the general well-being of our nation.

Posted on June 1, 2020

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