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The need for IT to create connectivity in organisations

With the advent of 5G , Internet  of Things (IOT) , the ability to access data faster , quicker and smarter – productivity improvements and customer experience should abound ….. however larger corporates will need to relook at their current IT systems to take advantage of these amazing advancements 

This pain and opportunity is highlighted In a report by Mulesoft , :- https://www.mulesoft.com/sites/default/files/resource-assets/MuleSoft%20Reports%20-%20Connectivity%20Benchmark%20Report%202019.pdf

Here is my summary 

Very few (36% ) of IT leaders say that their organization offers a completely connected customer experience. 

More than half (53%) respondents report having over 800 (which will grow significantly ) applications in use but only 29% are connected or integrated 

As a result 97% undertaking or plan to undertake digital transformation initiatives to increase productivity and customer service. 

It’s all about (or should be about) the customer experience – and these are some issues that need to be solved to protect, analyze, and enhance their experiences:-

  • it security (57%), 
  • big data/analytics (55%), 
  • IoT (49%), and 
  • AI/machine learning (36%)

Silo’s,  lack of connectivity , integration and collaboration are the big issues -(the big pain that needs the pain killer) 

83% report data silos create business challenges in their organization.

Both from a cultural or an IT perspective 

People find it difficult Integrating and connecting their applications across the enterprise

More than half (53%) respondents report having 800 or more applications in use but only 29% are connected or integrated 

The majority of IT decision makers (59%) find it difficult to introduce new applications or technologies or make changes to existing applications because of their legacy IT infrastructure.

But they acknowledge that they need to

How are they going to solve this pain?

It seems to be all about leveraging APIs,hire more talent, reusing existing assets and Outsourcing – using agile software development and deployment 

Why use agile and leveraging API’s? 

  • increased productivity (53%), 
  • greater agility (46%), 
  • and increased innovation (40%).

About Mulesoft

Mulesoft is part of Salesforce – has about 1600 clients and builds application networks to unlock data to increase productivity, revenue channels  and customer experience 

Posted on June 18, 2019

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