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Walmart patents the robot bee

Source: inspired from  Chelsea Gohd – World Economic Forum 

Bees land on a flower in Laqlouq village, Lebanon June 27, 2015. REUTERS/Jamal Saidi

Walmart has filed a patent for robot bees that will help pollinate in the same way as living bees.
Image: REUTERS/Jamal Saidi

Walmart has just filed a patent for autonomous, robot bees. The patent specifically covers “pollination drones.” These tiny robots could act just like bees, pollinating crops autonomously.

The robot bees would operate using sensors and cameras to help them navigate. Flying around autonomously, these drones could potentially pollinate as effectively as the real thing.

Image: Polynoid/Greenpeace/Vimeo

These bee robots are one of six Walmart patents for farming drones that would do everything from monitor crop damage to spray pesticides. Incorporating autonomous robots into farming could cut costs and increase agriculture efficiency.

Why’s Walmart’s sudden interest in farming drones?

 Well, they  do sell food – and here’s a way of getting involved at the beginning of the supply chain.

Posted on April 8, 2018

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