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Welcome to the future – your life is going to start to be weird

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The world of technology will impact on all industries. Many Industries will merge, disappear and become automated. Some businesses will thrive and new industries will form as a result of new technology.

We have also looked at how in general that this will affect all industries. The only constant we can guarantee is change! Find out what businesses are becoming popular and what affect technology could have on your business. Could you be replaced by software in the near future or a robot? There are robots already replacing humans in some Industries. 

Many prominent thinkers of our generation state we are currently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which new technologies are changing both the physical and digital worlds, changing much about our day to day lives and revolutionising many industries and economies.

Here’s how the World Economic Forum describes the new technological age to come: “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.”

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Changing our Lives. As capabilities to store massive amounts of data continue to improve, our lives change with it. Available digital data is doubling every two years. In 2013, it encompassed 4.4 zettabytes, and by 2020 the digital universe – which is the data we both create and copy annually – will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.

Because Big Data is so Big. We need Artificial Intelligence to help keep track of it. Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Between Amazon suggestions, Google searches, and inside our cars, narrow AI is already happening. Things like Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are services which use language processing to extract questions from speech. They can then do a limited number of useful things with this data, like looking for movie times or scheduling an appointment in a calendar.

Artificial Intelligence will improve and change the Wellness and fitness Industry

Artificial intelligence has nearly infinite potential and uses. An area in which it has been, and will continue to, innovate and change our lives is healthcare.

Better Supplements Creating supplements can take decades, and involves time-consuming research and trials. Computers can now be used to search for treatments from sequences of molecular structures. Recently, AI was used to search for an Ebola cure and found 2 options. This was done in less than a day, as opposed to the years it may have taken previously. 

This could have a positive or negative effect on nutritional companies as people will be guided to take the right nutrition that’s required according to their DNA. This is the future

Wearable devices use the latest information of programming and science data analysis to offer you the best technology. The algorithms developed with machine learning techniques allow the devices, combined with the apps, to better understand your body day after day. Together with these advanced techniques, these devices apply Artificial Intelligence to develop data analysis and algorithms with a predictive method that understands and learns from the behaviour of the users.

How does this work – Principle of PPG?

Photo plethysmography (PPG) is an optical technique used to detect volumetric changes in blood in peripheral circulation. It is a non-invasive method that makes measurements at the surface of the skin. The technique provides valuable information related to our cardiovascular system.

Uses of PPG with Wearable Devices. These devices have a sensor that monitors minor variations in the intensity of light transmitted through or reflected from the tissue. These intensity changes are associated with changes in blood flow through the tissue and provide vital cardiovascular information such as the pulse rate for example.

Specific applications include the following:

  • Clinical physiological monitoring
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiac output
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration
  • Vascular assessment
  • Arterial disease
  • Arterial compliance and ageing
  • Venous assessment
  • Endothelial function
  • Microvascular blood flow
  • Vasospastic conditions
  • Autonomic function monitoring
  • Vasomotor function and thermoregulation
  • Blood pressure and heart rate variability
  • Orthostatic
  • Other cardiovascular variability assessments

Artificial Intelligence can help users to apply improvement to their own life and can help prevent unnecessary actions.

Better Decisions for Better Wellness This is especially true in the wellness and medicine industries. With so much data like patient records and family histories combined with things like daily trackers, this data can help people make healthier and smarter decisions. It can also help those in the wellness industry, design plans based on individual patients and their needs.

There is a wearable technology company that has had amazing results as a Category Creator in healthcare.

This is not a Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Samsung or Pebble device. This wearable device is in a league all of its own and focuses mainly on health by measuring your vital statistics in real time.

They have for 12-months had the wearable technology for consumers. Here is already an impressive list of amazing features for consumers available today. This reads your blood pressure, breath rate, daily steps, calories burned, quality of sleep, measure your EKG/ECG in 2 minutes, your mood, fatigue levels. You can remotely track the health of your loved ones. Once they breach safety margins an alert is sent out to guardians. They also have a panic button that provides an immediate alert with your exact location and a map.

Shortly coming are these additional features, for the consumer.

•Glucose Measurement (The worlds first non-invasive blood/glucose continuous test)

•Alcohol Sensor

•Oxygenation (to monitor the effect of Germanium on the body this is health benefit you receive directly from Germanium stones within the wrist strap)

•Fertility Prediction (new algorithm)

•Flu Detection (new algorithm)

•Pulse Diagnostic (new algorithm)

•Mosquito Shield (amazing the device will send a different frequency according to your location to deter mosquitos)

This has attracted huge interest from the Scientific Community, which looks at this device as not only as a personal device but, thanks to the accuracy and the technology, they think this device can revolutionise the M-Health sector.

This company is launching another division to cater specifically for the Medical Industry.

DNA testing and analysis services coming soon also for the consumer. This is the opportunity to help everyone to discover, preserve and share their family history.

DNA is very exciting and this will have massive implications in the health and fitness industry. Look at what this could do for you and it will give you a really good idea of why this will be so HUGE.

From amazing yet very simple things, as some people DNA testing reveals that even healthy foods can cause inflammation in others. At the root of nearly every disease and health issue is inflammation.

There are people who for instance react to foods internally but silently …. meaning it does not cause any obvious issue but it is causing inflammation within the body that eventually leads to health issues. This could be Grapefruit, Spinach and Turmeric as DNA may reveal that they have a genetic complication. For most people these common healthy foods have wonderful health benefits. However, there’s a part of the population that should avoid them because they are causing silent inflammation within the body with no outward obvious issues. Turmeric in fact is widely known for being a powerful anti-inflammatory… in some people the reaction is opposite.

DNA tells us ahead of time what to avoid – what will help – what won’t. This is why diets are not an answer. Eating vegan or paleo etc is not a good choice for everyone. For some it’s wonderful because it works with their specific DNA for others it works against you.

This company is light years ahead of the Industry and is changing and evolving all the time – no wonder their shares have gone through the roof!

Prevention is better than cure. There are millions of borderline diabetics simply unaware that there heading in the wrong direction. Imagine being guided to make simple lifestyle choices so you can avoid this dreadful health challenge.

I cured myself of cancer without chemo intensely researching the health, fitness and technology industries for more than 12 months. I maintained my research and came across this wearable technology. It is of my opinion that it might well have guided me to improve my vital signs and perhaps I could have avoided my health challenge that took me over 12 months to get clear. However, I am much better off for the experience and this has taken me in a different direction. What could I have done with personalised feedback in real time.

The Health industry is a growth industry now and in the foreseeable future. Doctors, wellness consultants, fitness trainers and those is the nutrition industry will be using tools to guide and design health and fitness programs personalised to suit their clients and patients. This will create an extra revenue stream for those in the health industry and fitness sector as they be able to assess remotely their customers/athletes/patients. Wearable technology of this nature working in real time will provide instant data to whoever the user nominates as their guardian. They can guide them even from a different country. This is already taking place with those in the health industry already charging small monthly fees for this service.

The end of the smart phone? This same company is planning to put a smart phone in your wearable and it is predicted that smartphones as we know it will be something of the past. This company is planning to do this in a couple of years. They have recently launched a smart phone that is more powerful than iPhone 7. This is the worlds first smart phone that emits little to NO radiation.

This study below, reflects a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper published recently, used data on the number of robots from the International Federation of Robotics (there is no consistent data on the monetary value of the robots in use.) It assessed the effect of robots on employment and wages in commuting zones, a way to measure local economies.

Automation is decimating industries like the car industry. Where whole assembly lines of robots are replacing humans. The industrial robots are used most in the manufacturing of electronics, metal products, plastics and chemicals. They do not require humans to operate, and do various tasks like welding, painting and packaging. Take for example the USA from 1993 to 2007, one new industrial robot was added for every thousand workers — mainly in the Midwest, South and East — and Western Europe added 1.6.

The next question is whether the coming wave of technologies — like machine learning, drones and driverless cars — will have similar effects, but on many more people. It has been said that we wont have taxi drivers or the need to have truck drivers in the future they will be driven by robots.

While some Industries will be a causality of ‘progress’ there will be those that will thrivelike the new Technology age that is the fastest growing sector. You may not be aware that an Industry growing fast is life coaching. These days there are many different types of coaches available, from:

  • Health Coaches
  • Executive Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Academic Coaches
  • Spiritual Coaches
  • Financial Coaches
  • Fitness coaches
  • Health and Longevity Coaches

… and many, many more.

Do you think that new technology could support or replace your business in the future? Do you have an exit strategy to retire from your business or are you relying on your current business to have value?

Folks need to have the ability to see around corners and plan ahead. It pays to adapt and learn new skills. Where you see there’s a problem area go and be the one that provides a solution. In this day and age more people are considering additional income streams rather than relying on one source of revenue.

P.S. This article is natural and organic. What may be considered by some as typos, spelling and grammar are deliberate and enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects. 

Posted on July 12, 2017

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