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What issues will our children face in 30 years?

Last night we were  having a discussion last night on what life will be like for our children and grandchildren 


Sure there will be Autonomous cars and smart phones, but a lot of people are going to lose their jobs – we are not getting ready for it. 

Drivers, people in Call centres, Banks and many professionals will be made redundant – some will be able to be retrained – but the secret is to train  our children and grandchildren to cope with the future .

School curriculums can’t be the same as what has been before  – it’s got to be about learning human skills to learn how to learn.

So much disruption on the way

We need to retrain who we can – bit we need to focus on the next generation – curriculum can’t be same as before – it’s got to be about learning human skills.

The environment 

The biggest issue on our children’s mind is the effects that our abundance is doing to our environment.

Mining, overpopulation, mass production of meat, usage of coal to create power, pollution, global warming. 

If we do not actively take steps to preserve our environment – will Earth  be what we know?

What do you think? 

Posted on April 13, 2019

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