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Why Businesses Need Artificial Intelligence For Marketing

From the team at https://www.websitesthatsell.com.au/about-us/

The ways that businesses operate today is not the same as 30 years’ ago. 

Today, businesses operate based off data-driven reasoning. 

With that, one of the most effective means to generate revenue growth is through marketing. 

Now, if a company wants to take their success to new heights, they need to begin using AI for marketing. 

Here are five reasons behind how AI marketing can transform your marketing efforts.

Why Businesses Need AI for Marketing

1. Chat Bots

Have you ever been interested in a product before on a website and noticed that the brand offered a “Live Chat” system? So, in hopes of finding an answer to your question, you send a message to whom you thought was an employee of the company. Now, to the surprise of many, chances are, it’s an AI powered bot. These intelligent robots are sophisticated and designed to provide consumers with the answers they need so your business can secure a sale.

2. PPC Advertising

In the digital marketing industry, PPC campaigns are one of the most popular techniques towards generating new, quality leads. Now, in most campaigns, human beings are the ones who are overseeing and handling the marketing efforts. AI powered systems can transform the way that PPC campaigns are performed, eliminating the time a business may typically spend on these efforts. As a result, these AI systems can track vital data and information, utilizing this to increase and optimize the marketing objective. This effectively can improve the overall success of the campaign, generating more quality leads while also freeing up time otherwise spent studying algorithms and data.

3. Churn Prediction And Bounce Rates

When it comes to marketing, one important data measure that is difficult to predict is whether a consumer is going to bounce or perhaps disengage. This is where an AI powered system can make a difference in a company’s marketing game. Only through an AI system can a business begin to track and predict consumer behaviours on a website with such a high degree of accuracy. In doing so, a business can begin to create a marketing plan to keep consumers on the website or retarget previous customers.

4. Customer Preferences

Any successful marketing campaign begins with understanding the target audience. While a digital marketing can spend the time developing a customer profile, it can be time consuming. When you also include the margin for error, it can prove to be counterproductive for some businesses. An AI system can track and analyze customer preferences, making easier and less time consuming to develop custom customer profiles. Businesses could use this information to create better and more defined digital marketing campaigns, leading to more quality leads and sales.

5. Image Recognition

In recent years, image recognition technology has quickly begun to transform the marketing industry. Through utilized AI software, businesses can begin to understand a deeper level of consumer behavior in one of the most advanced ways. This software can recognize consumer faces and match it with custom data from each time they visit a specific store. From here, businesses can create consumer profiles and understand their behavior given specific circumstances, including sales, price fluctuations, and more!

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Posted on March 27, 2018

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