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Yuval Boah Harari on AI, Cars , Doctors , Jobs and Cyborgs


I came across an interesting CBS newsclip (link above)  of an interview with Yuval Noah Harari – author of Sapiens , Homo Deus and now 21 lessons for the 21st century.

Some of my takeouts. – would be interested in yours ….
Is AI going to create  “The useless class of Sapiens? 

Will AI  become the dominant force on earth controlled by a few humans or cyborgs? 

Politics has moved from 

Land to machines to data ! 

The powerful will be those who control the data!

Up to know , life matter as we know it has been made of organic compounds and organic biochemistry – from Giraffes,  tomato plant animals and humans.

We are now entering the realm of replacing natural selection with intelligent design.

Organic to inorganic life forms – cyborgs – will this enable us to explore the galaxy (ps whose us?)

Will humans  stay relevant? What will they do? 

They will Not only be unemployed – but unemployable 

Not only  will drivers of vehicles  be replaced by more efficient AI – but doctors !! 


Will AI augment and improve doctors as opposed to replace 


It is clear that the  onset of AI will change the nature of jobs as we know it. AI will not be a Big Bang but  a gradual evolution of byte size innovations that will eventually disrupt and replace jobs as we know them today 

Some questions 

Jobs – can people retrain and reinvent – and do it again and again and again ? They say a millenials today will have 14 jobs in their  lifetime – at least 

Have we got the tools  to teach emotional intelligence at schools? 

Do we need to have a new paradigm to learn how to learn – knowledge dumps is not the go .

What should we be teaching?

Posted on September 7, 2018

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